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jihada izzah

Born in May 1986, I was a little baby who knows nothing. Day by day, I keep learning new things. My parents, I adore you so much. Nothing can be compared to your love for me, when I got sick, when I fell down while trying to walk, when I made you wake up all night, when I made your days miserable, crying and what not...I know you are always be with me, even when you can’t see me through your eyes, when you can’t hear my voice, when you are not there where I am heading to.

I entered a kindergarten ” Tadika Ihsan” in UTM, Skudai. I can’t remember so much of my life there. The slightest memory do I have is that I am learning to befriend with anyone. And there, I met my best friend, someone I called “Q”. I love the teachers so much, they are lovely caring teachers I’ve ever met. Then, I entered my primary school, Sek Keb Sri Skudai (SKSS) in 1992. In the evening, it is a norm in Johor for the children to attend religious class. The same goes to me. When I was in Standard 2, I moved to another school for a year, Sek Keb Kangkar Pulai. After that, I finished up my primary school days in SKSS. Lots of things happen within those years. I enjoyed each and everyday – entered essay & story telling competitions, be a member of nasyid group, learned how to march, etc.

During secondary school time, I studied at Sek Men Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra (STARP), Kulai, Johor for three years and three months before I entered Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) Mersing in March 2002. In STARP, I lived in the hostel starting from the day of school registration. I had taken additional subject, Arabic language in my PMR exam. In the meantime, I continued my religious study at Sek Agama Bandar Kulai (if I’m not mistaken the name). My friends and I walked to the school in the morning from hostel and later in the afternoon, we rushed back to the hostel to have our lunch and entered the evening class session (academic class).

Life in hostel taught me of everything. I got to know different people with various attitudes. I learnt to be wise in managing my time, my problems, and so forth. I felt happy to be one of the hostel members. The seniors were so kind that I felt as if they were my real blood sisters. The juniors were so cute, paid me respect even though we were not in the same dormitory. My shin-gun “friends”, they were among the most precious gifts I had had throughout my lifetime. The sweetness of the memory remains forever in my heart. In MRSM, the most worth lesson I had was co-operation. Every programme needed us the students to work in groups. The fact was, those experience made me closer to the real world and I was thankful for having good friends who kept me accompany through joy and sorrow.

Matriculation Center of IIUM (MCIIUM), I entered this institution in July 2004. I was registered as a LAW student (great huh!!!). But then, I changed my course. I was not the one who sent the application, but I was surprised to see the acceptance.. Whose that person then?? Till today I don’t have the answer. My father, I guess. I gone through my life there with books and books..haha.. Not to say that I am a bookworm, but it happened to be like that..

In June 2006, I entered International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak Campus. Wow, I got the feeling of university student there. Such a beautiful campus, I like it!! But, it was just a moment. In the blink of an eye, I ended the first semester and the next semester, my faculty was moved to IIUM Kuantan Campus. I treasured my lifetime in Gombak the most. It was not only me felt that way, seniors and my friends too.. In Kuantan, the new chapter began. After all, I survived!!! Thinking of those past time, it was sometimes incredible. Whatever it is, this journey of life I would never forget, as it is the best teacher in my life.

jihada izzah
Last semester of final year student, I am a bit scared at this moment. Somehow, my final year project (FYP) is still progressing from time to time. Officially started on November 13, 2009, I am glad that so far there is no terrible complication while doing the 1st phase of my project, sample collection, preparation and extraction. Although it’s not as easy as an ABC, I managed to go through the challenges with the kindness of my friends and laboratory staff.

The battle began as soon as the first day. I went to a nursery in Kuantan with Ayu. Two weeks before, I've ordered 50 bags of my project's plant which were planted in Cameron Highlands. That day was a rainy day. It was a bit difficult to get in all 50 bags of my plant, Pelargonium graveolens aka “Pokok Halau Nyamuk” into a small sweet “kancil” ( Faizah's car). Kumbawo Faizah (^^,).. I had to place the plants at the back seat, and Oh MY GOD!! The car was fully occupied with that sweet smell plants. I drove back to UIA and my mission started!!!

I sent 10 bags of the plants to KOP (for care prior to extraction) and the rest to KOS. That evening, I harvested a number of plants for the purpose of freeze dried and air dried. Basically, 20 plants were intended to be air dried and the remaining 20 plants for freeze dried. All the day in the lab, I went back to hostel around 7pm and planned to go back again after Isya’ to procced with freeze drying. With the hope that night, it won’t take so much time, I went to the lab without having my lunch + dinner. And, what made me astounding was that I’ve to harvest all the 20 plants that night, by hook or by crook. It was around 10.30pm, not yet eat and had to stay???

I had no choice. Big thanks to Aminah and Farhana who bought food for me and sent it to the lab so I could eat late at night. I was out of energy, tired and sleepy. Tremendous thanks to Shahnaz, Salwana, and Muzammil for staying with me in the lab till 4am. It’s just the beginning!!!! More obstacles ahead of my journey.. May ALLAH bless me and gives me courage to face these difficult times...

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping ~ Chinese proverb

jihada izzah

My Pearls,
You are beautiful,
You are awesome,

I am glad of having you,
Always be with me whenever I need you...

My Pearls,
Your shine makes my day brighter,
Your love makes me cry,
Your kindness makes me feel secure,

Your cheerfulness makes me laugh,
Your care makes me smile,
Your heartbroken makes me feel down,
Your gloomy makes me sad..

My Pearls,
Thanks for being a portion of my life,
I would like you to know that
you left your footprints in my heart..

My Pearls,
If I were to keep you by my side,
I will, not hesitate,
But, I do realize that's not gonna happen,
You and me, will be apart,
The fact remains, our heart attach together,
cling to each other, forever.....