Setitik dakwat mampu membuat sejuta manusia berfikir tentangnya.

jihada izzah

My Pearls,
You are beautiful,
You are awesome,

I am glad of having you,
Always be with me whenever I need you...

My Pearls,
Your shine makes my day brighter,
Your love makes me cry,
Your kindness makes me feel secure,

Your cheerfulness makes me laugh,
Your care makes me smile,
Your heartbroken makes me feel down,
Your gloomy makes me sad..

My Pearls,
Thanks for being a portion of my life,
I would like you to know that
you left your footprints in my heart..

My Pearls,
If I were to keep you by my side,
I will, not hesitate,
But, I do realize that's not gonna happen,
You and me, will be apart,
The fact remains, our heart attach together,
cling to each other, forever.....

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