Setitik dakwat mampu membuat sejuta manusia berfikir tentangnya.

jihada izzah
During the midbreak, i went home for few's quite short holidays, but i am having much fun at my hometown, Johor.. Regardless of the "kemangkatan" DYMM Sultan Iskandar, i enjoyed my time at home especially when i went to SSI n Kem PLKN, Desaru to pay a visit to my youngest sister n 2nd brother, respectively..

My little sister, Ira, is studying in a school in Jb. As the youngest in my family, somewhat, i felt as if she won't be able to manage herself accordingly. I always "bebel" nag at her at home, that's what I used to do..hehe...But, I was suprised to know that she stays in the hostel. That's a challenge to her..No one asks her to do so, but she insists herself..When I met her during the break, I know she improves so much, I'm glad adik,,you will learn, just face whatever in front of you, somehow you will know the meaning of true life ...

My mid brother, he entered the camp on January 3rd, 2010. What makes me feel touchy feeling is that I can see his happiness...He gains so much experience there I guess,,,seems that every moment showers him with happiness...that's pretty good Iwan, may you be someone better in the future, insyaAllah..

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4 Responses

  1. jihada izzah Says:

    hye2 nad,,, wat keje esok leklok =)

  2. Danial Izzat Says:

    akhirnye.. (pendek je, takut xleh send)=P

  3. jihada izzah Says:

    haha...buleh..ok da =))

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