Setitik dakwat mampu membuat sejuta manusia berfikir tentangnya.

jihada izzah

When the day comes,

I feel warm in my heart,

Feeling like being born for the very first time,

Like I can hear my voice crying during the old days.

When 24,

I realized that times fly so fast,

Yesterday, I spent my days with friends,

But then tomorrow, I’m traveling the life lane alone.

When 24,

I will end up my studies,

I have to face the real life, the challenge, the risks,

I have to be mentally and physically prepared.

When 24,

I start to think of my future more seriously,

More attention, more patience,

What should I do next? Next station is just closed by.

When 24,

I’m thankful to Allah, the Creator of me and this Universe, may Allah bless us (^^,)

This is a great gift from Him,

I’m still alive in this world, bound to His blessings and love,

O’ Allah, guides me in Your right path..

When I feel lonely, keeps me close to You,

When I’m in pain, You are the One who heals me,

When I feel joy, You are the One who gives me the happiness,

When I feel burdensome, that is how You tested me,

O’ Allah, I know You are always be there for me,

Thus, I’m not alone…

To You I should turn, when life gets hard or easy as ABC.

When 24,

I wish myself brighter future undertakings,

Wish that I could spend this year with new experience,

Wish that each and every moment reminds me of being a good servant of Allah,

Wish that I could bring happiness to my parents, family, loved ones,

Wish that I meet my Mr Right,,,(“,)

Wish that my friends and I keep in touch forever,

Wish that my journey ahead is blissful,

Wish that I can see me myself in the next year…

No one knows, but surely He knows..

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